A lot of you are wondering how I got here. Your kind words like “fuck you Nick” and “kill yourself” have been inspirational. So here you go.  Here is a list of companies I worked for: Target, Best Buy, AT&T and Angie’s List. I’m was a shitty worker because I just never cared. Last year, I won the Great Indiana Mic Off, a year long competition against some 400 comics in Indiana. I decided to quit my job at Angie’s List and try to do stand-up full time. I went to Denver to do some work, but before I left I put up the first Coach Kent Murphy video  on YouTube. After being in Denver for 8 days, the video caught on and I was asked to do a radio show in New Jersey, so I came back east. From there, Heath quit his job and we filmed 23 more Kent Murphy Episodes over the summer. Somewhere in the middle of that, Pres contacted me about writing for Barstool. I told him we were in the process of moving to LA to chase the dream whatever that even means. Turns out Pres wanted us to start up the blog on the west coast and thought the angle of two dudes dropping their shit and moving to LA was exactly what LA is all about.  So far, all I’ve met are people that moved out here from somewhere else. I’m broke as fuck, have a tiny ass apartment that came with a refrigerator, which is rare out here, and so far day one has kicked ass on the stool.

And that’s basically it for me. I’m as broke as you are, I hate work, and if I die in a car crash, I blame you all. Thank you.


P.S. Heath is working on a Smoke Show now.