Well I guess this is good news for all you idiots who said I fucked up and that you could be 1 zillion times better than our LA guys because the Nick/Heath experiment is over. They may stay involved with videos because I still think they are great at that, but as far as blogging goes we are officially searching for a new guy. If you want to be taken seriously don’t send me an email saying how awesome you could be at this. Set up a sample blog. Keep it updated for a week or two. Send us the link to it. Or if you have an existing blog send us that link. We need to see you can keep the content strong for an extended period of time and have a pulse on LA.  I need to make sure I make the right decision this time.  But having said that we are ready to hire the right person instantly once we find him.  The job is just sitting there waiting to be filled. The next blog on Barstool LA will be introducing who we hired.  Until then Barstool LA sleeps.

Send all link submissions to [email protected]